Herpes Details and its Treatment

Herpes is highly contagious viral infection that is usually caused by the virus named herpes simplex virus. Herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2 are the major types of herpes. HSV1 causes oral form of herpes and HSV 2 causes genital form herpes. As you know that both types of herpes are very contagious. The main cause of transmission of herpes virus are sexual activities. Any person who ever had a sex with herpes partner is at the greater risk of getting this virus. Sexual activities like kissing, oral form of sexual activity, anal form of sexual activity are the main causes of the transmission of herpes virus. Using infected stuff like utensils, razor, towels, toothbrush and any other things that might be infected can lead to transmission of this virus in a human body. Direct come in to contact with herpes virus or touching herpes blister, sore and lesion may infect you from this virus. A new born infant may also catch this virus from their mother but the risk is very low to get infected from the mother.

There are many patient who are surviving with herpes don’t know that they are suffering with herpes due to very mild symptoms of herpes. However many person develops herpes symptoms. The major herpes symptoms can be considered as painful blister, cold sore and watery lesion around the infected area. Symptoms like flu, itching, burning and tingling around the infected area are the other symptoms of herpes illness. As far as the diagnosis of herpes illness is concern, usually doctor diagnosis herpes by examining the symptoms of herpes. But for the confirmation of herpes illness you can go for some test. The major tests you can prefer in order to diagnose herpes illness are: blood test, viral culture test and PCR test. 

Can you 

get rid of herpes forever? Not at all! There are no scientifically proven medicines are available that can cure herpes forever. But yes you can manage and prevent further outbreaks of herpes. There are several medicines are available which helps to prevent further outbreaks of herpes illness. Medicines such as acyclovir, val-acyclovir, Valtrex and famcyclovir helps the herpes patient to manage herpes outbreaks. Laser way of treatment can also help to reduce the severity of herpes symptoms. Natural based therapy has the ability to boost up your immune system. This will help you to fight better with herpes illness.

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