It is quite difficult to judge that the herpes patient more hate pain of herpes outbreaks or the ugliness of the blisters. I know that herpes is the most uncomfortable condition in which you can get both pain and ugly blisters. But now prevention and cure of the blisters both are in your hands. You can do this by consuming certain types of vitamins you can prevent herpes outbreaks very effectively. 


What do You Know About Herpes Infection?

Do you have every single detail about herpes infection? Maybe no because there is no one who have all the details about any kind of disease. But you can read some uncanny things about herpes in this article.



No, I am not here to share the same details which are very common. See, this is a fact that herpes is the disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus. This is the same virus which causes oral herpes, genital herpes, brain infection, shingles, chicken pox, ocular herpes and keratitis herpes.

Herpes is an infection which most commonly causes only two types of herpes and that are oral herpes and genital herpes. Both the diseases are highly contagious and anyone can get this disease through personal contact with an infected person. Herpes virus gets into your body through small cut or mucus membrane. After the virus enters into your body, it will stay in your immune system and can cause outbreaks time to time.

People think that having herpes is an end of their life and this disease can ruin their life but it’s not true. This is also a disease just like others there are so many people who are living with this than why don’t you? I know it’s not an easy task but it is also not an impossible thing. There are chances to manage this disease and that too at your home. 




Despite of a fact that herpes is an incurable disease you can get rid of its outbreaks. There are several ways to get rid of herpes outbreaks. Outbreaks are one of the main reasons which can make difficult for anyone to live with herpes. Because of outbreaks you will feel pain, itching and uncomfort. 

But now you don’t have to bear that pain because there is one way by which you can not only cure herpes but also prevent herpes outbreaks very effectively. Consuming certain types of vitamins can help you in this disease. Vitamins can not only prevent outbreaks but also reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks. 

It’s in the studies that eating healthy diet can help you to prevent herpes outbreaks. There are certain vitamins which can cure this disease’s symptoms very effectively. Like if you consume vitamin A, C, E, D and zinc, you can get more effective results. So let’s see how vitamins can prevent herpes outbreaks. 


Vitamin A-


According to studies women who have both HIV and genital herpes can reduce the severity of both the diseases by consuming vitamin A. if there is a woman who has genital herpes, taking birth control pills and not taking diet which contains vitamin A, she will become more likely to have outbreaks. Taking vitamin A can boost the immune system health.




vitamin c

Vitamin C-


Vitamin C is generally found in fruits, vegetables and in dietary supplements.  Vitamin C is very important for us because our body needs vitamin C to make collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps and support tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and keeps the skin or other organs together.  If there is anyone who doesn’t know from which fruit and vegetable they can consume vitamin C, here is a small list: citrus fruits, bell-peppers, juices, strawberries, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and last but not the least broccoli. 

According to studies if a herpes patient wants to prevent herpes outbreaks, he/she have to consume 10,000 mg supplements daily to manage the condition and 500,-3000 to prevent further outbreaks. 




Vitamin B12-

Vitamin b12 is a very important vitamin from which many modern people are deficient. It is very important to have because this is the vitamin which can help you to cure and also prevent the herpes outbreaks. It’s in the studies that people who consume vitamin B12 are healthier than other people. Here are some foods which are high in vitaminB12: shellfish, skim milk, Swiss cheese and soy products


There are some vitamins by which you can prevent herpes outbreaks very effectively. This is the perfect way to get rid of this 

This is a natural way by which you can cure your condition. Apart from taking vitamins if you change your lifestyle, you can decrease the frequency of herpes outbreaks. Just remember one thing that your body fights with viruses more effectively if you eat good diet and drink enough water. Try to consume immune enhancing diets and most importantly try to decrees your stress. 


Although vitamins can treat your problem in a real effective manner let me tell you that there are plenty of other options. One of the most effective options is slippery elm. Click here to know more about slippery elm and herpes.